Professional/Conference/Seminar Leave

Prior to attendance at a conference/seminar/workshop you will need to complete a Professional Leave Form and receive approval from your Principal/Supervisor and the Superintendent if either of the two apply:

 1.  You will be attending the conference/seminar/workshop during your normal work day.  (This needs to be done even if no substitute is needed), or if:

2.  You will be requesting reimbursement of expenses and/or mileage.  This includes seminars & workshops held on Saturday or in the summer.

Click here for the Professional Leave Approval Form

To be reimbursed for Professional Leave Expenses you will also need to complete a Request for Reimbursement Form after you attend and attach all the receipts for any expenses.  Also attach the "Certificate of Attendance" that you received at the Workshop.  If no certificates were issued, attach a copy of the agenda/schedule or some other handout that you received.

The Bookkeeping Office will only be able to reimburse you up to any limits noted on your approval form. 

The Request for Reimbursement Form and attachments must be received in the Business Office by the Friday before a warrant date in order to be reimbursed on the following warrant date.  On warrant weeks when there is a Monday or Tuesday holiday, the deadline will be Thursday before the warrant instead of Friday.

Warrants are scheduled every two weeks on Wednesdays and follow the same schedule as Pay Dates.  To see what the paperwork deadline dates are and the dates warrants are scheduled click on the following:

 Warrant Schedule & Deadlines

Request for Reimbursement Form

The Certification committee also requires a pre-approval form if the workshop will be used toward your certification/re-certification requirements.  For a copy of their pre-approval form for a workshop/seminar please click here for more info.